Science publications 2013

This is a list of the publications by research staff, students and Honorary Associates of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria for 2013. For details of individual staff members and their projects see the staff pages.

Refereed journal articles

Bayly, M.J., Holmes, G.D., Forster, P.I., Cantrill, D.J. and Ladiges, P.Y. (2013). Major clades of Australasian Rutoideae (Rutaceae) based on rbcL and atpB sequences. PloS One 8(8), e72493.

Bell, K.L., Murphy, D.J. and Gardner, M.G. (2013). Isolation, via 454 Sequencing, and characterization of microsatellites for Vachellia farnesiana (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae). Applications in Plant Sciences 1(10): 1300035. doi:

Birch, J.L. and Keeley, S.C. (2013). Dispersal pathways across the pacific: the historical biogeography of Astelia s.l. (Asteliaceae, Asparagales). Journal of Biogeography 40, 1914–1927.

Cantrill, D.J., Bamford, M.K., Wagstaff, B.E. and Sauquet, H. (2013). Early Eocene fossil plants from the Mwadui Kimberlite Pipe, Tanzania. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 196, 19–35.

Cargill, D.C. and Milne, J. (2013). A new terrestrial genus and species within the aquatic liverwort family Riellaceae (Sphaerocarpales) from Australia. Polish Botanical Journal 58, 71–80.

Danks, M., Lebel, T., Vernes, K. and Andrew, N. (2013). Truffle-like fungi sporocarps in a eucalypt-dominated landscape: patterns in diversity and community structure. Fungal Diversity 58, 143–157. doi: 10.1007/s13225-012-0193-6.

Ebach, M.C., Gill, A.C., Kwan, A. Ahyong, S.T., Murphy, D.J. and Cassis, G. (2013). Towards an Australian Bioregionalisation Atlas: a provisional area taxonomy of Australia's biogeographical regions. Zootaxa 3619, 315–342. 

Hirst, M.J. (2013). A global message from an old bird. The Botanic Garden 37, 9–10.

Hurry, C.R., James, E.A. and Thompson, R. (2013). Connectivity, genetic structure and stress response of Phragmites australis: issues for restoration in a salinizing wetland system. Aquatic Botany 104, 138–146. 

Jeanes, J.A. (2013). An overview of the Thelymitra nuda (Orchidaceae) complex in Australia including the description of six new species. Muelleria 31, 3–30.

Joseph, S., Bhave, M., Miller J.T. and Murphy, D.J. (2013). Rapid identification of Acacia species with potential salt tolerance by using nuclear ribosomal DNA markers. Sustainable Agriculture Research 2, 77–86.

Joseph, S., Murphy, D.J. and Bhave, M. (2013). Glycine betaine biosynthesis in saltbushes (Atriplex spp.) under salinity stress. Biologia 68, 879–895.

Joseph, S., Murphy, D.J., Miller, J.T. and Bhave, M. (2013). Application of molecular markers for identification of potential salt tolerant plant species for use in agroforestry and saline land reclamation. APCBEE Procedia 5, 514–519.

Lebel, T. (2013). Two new species of sequestrate Agaricus (section Minores) from Australia. Mycological Progress. doi: 10.1007/s11557-012-0879-x

Lebel, T.Dunk, C.W. and May, T.W. (2013). Rediscovery of Multifurca stenophylla (Berk.) T.Lebel, C.W.Dunk & T.W.May comb. nov. (Russulaceae) from Australia. Mycological Progress 12, 497–504.

Lebel, T. and Vellinga, E.C. (2013). Description and affinities of a sequestrate Lepiota (Agaricaceae) from Australia. Mycological Progress 12, 525–532.

Leonard, P.L., McMullan-Fisher, S.J.M. and Lebel, T. (2013). Pisolithus croceorrhiza P. Leonard & McMullan-Fisher sp. nov. from Queensland, Australia and New Caledonia. Australasian Mycologist 31, 25–29.

McCarthy, P.M. and Stajsic, V. (2013). Phylloblastia blechnicola (Ascomycota, Verrucariaceae), a new leaf-inhabiting lichen from southern Victoria, Australia. Muelleria 31, 49–52.

Messina, A., Walsh, N.G., Hoebee, S.E. and Green, P.T. (2013). A morphological assessment of the Olearia phlogopappa complex (Asteraceae: Asterae). Australian Systematic Botany 26, 31–80.

Miller, J.T., Murphy, D.J., Ho, S.Y.W., Cantrill, D.J. and Seigler, D. (2013). Comparative dating of Acacia: combining fossils and secondary calibrations to infer ages of clades with poor fossils records. Australian Journal of Botany 61, 436–445.

Moraes, P.L.R. de, Robbrecht, E., Smedt, S. de, Dressler, S., Heinrichs, J., Reiner-Drehwald, M.H., Drescher, A., Scharfetter, A., Frödén, P., Esser, H.-J., Gallagher, C., Guglielmone, L. and Rainer, H. (2013). Catalogue of Brazilian plants collected by Prince Maximilian of Wied. Scripta Botanica Belgica 49, 1–249.

Moraes, P.L.R. de, Smedt, S. de, Esser, H.-J., Gallagher, C. and Guglielmone, L. (2013). On some Brazilian plants distributed by Martius in 1827 and published by Colla in 1833. Harvard Papers in Botany 18, 23–36.

Moraes, P.L.R. de, Smedt, S. de, Esser, H.-J., Gallagher, C. and Guglielmone, L. (2013). On some Brazilian plants distributed by Martius in 1827 and published by Colla in Herbarium Pedemontanum – II. Harvard Papers in Botany 18, 197–210.

Moraes, P.L.R. de, Smedt, S. de, Esser, H.-J., Gallagher, C. and Guglielmone, L. (2013). On some Brazilian plants distributed by Martius in 1827 and published by Colla in Herbarium Pedemontanum – III. Harvard Papers in Botany 18, 211–223.

Nylinder, S., Cronholm, B., Lange, P.G. de, Walsh, N. and Anderberg, A.A. (2013). Species tree phylogeny and character evolution in the genus Centipeda (Asteraceae): evidence from DNA sequences from coding and non-coding loci from the plastid and nuclear genomes. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 68, 239–350.

Ohlsen D.J., Field A.R. (2013). A new species of fern for Queensland: Diplazium squamuligum. Austrobaileya 9, 114–125.

Perrie L.R., Shepherd L.D., de Lange P.J., Batty E.L., Ohlsen D.J., Bayly M.J., Brownsey P.J. (2013). Hymenophyllum pluviatile, a new and uncommon fern from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany, 51, 308–320.

Perrie L.R., Wilson R.K., Shepherd L.D., Ohlsen D.J., Batty E.L., Brownsey P.J., Bayly M.J. (2013). Molecular phylogenetics and generic taxonomy of the Blechnaceae ferns. Taxon 63, 745–758.

Reiter, N., Lawrie, A. and Walsh, N. (2013). The mycorrhizal association of Borya mirabilis, an endangered Australian native. Muelleria 31, 81–88.

Reiter, N. and Pollard, G. (2013). The response of Grampians Duck-orchid and Grampians pincushion lily in Victoria to wild fire. Australian Plant Conservation  22(1), 15–17.

Reiter, N., Vlcek, K. and Clements, M. (2013). Pterostylis lingua a new species for Victoria and habitat preferences for Pterostylis xerophila. Muelleria 31, 69–76.

Reiter, N., Thomson, R., Bedggood, W., Jenek, C., Cross, R., Whitfield, J., Lawrie, A., Pollard, G., Argall, M., Johnson, G. and Lester, K. (2013). Victorian orchid conservation. Australian Plant Conservation  21(3), 12–14. 

Sheedy, E.M., Van de Wouw, A.P., Howlett, B.J. and May, T.W. (2013). Multi-gene sequence data reveal cryptic morphological species within the genus Laccaria in southern Australia. Mycologia 105, 547–563.  

Slatyer, R.A., Hirst, M. and J.P. Sexton. (2013). Niche breadth predicts geographic range size: a general ecological pattern. Ecology Letters. doi:10.111/ele.12140.

Syme, A.E., Udovicic, F., Stajsic, V. and Murphy, D.J. (2013). A test of sequence-matching algorithms for a DNA barcode database of invasive grasses. DNA Barcodes 2013, 19–26.

The Legume Phylogeny Working Group (2013). Legume phylogeny and classification in the 21st century: progress, prospects and lessons for other species-rich clades. Taxon 62, 217–248.

Tosolini, A.-M.P., Cantrill, D.J. and Francis, J.E. (2013). Paleocene flora from Seymour Island, Antarctica: revision of Dusén’s (1908) angiosperm taxa. Alcheringa 37, 366–391.

Wagstaff, B.E., Gallagher, S.J., Norvick, M.S., Cantrill, D.J. and Wallace, M.W. (2013). High latitude Albian climate variability: palynological evidence for long-term drying in a greenhouse world. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 386, 501–511.

Walsh, N.G. (2013). Maireana obrienii (Chenopodiaceae), a new species from eastern Australia. Muelleria 31, 61–64.

Walsh, N.G. and O’Brien, E. (2013). Gynodioecy in Teucrium racemosum (Lamiaceae). Muelleria 31, 77–80.

Book chapters

Gascoigne, J. and Maroske, S. (2013). Colonial science and technology. In A. Bashford and S. McIntyre (eds), The Cambridge History of Australia. Volume 1. Indigenous and Colonial Australia, pp. 438–461. Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.


Lindsay, A., Robinson, R., May, T.W. and McMullan-Fisher, S.J.M. (2013). Fungimap Guide to Surveying Fungi in Australia, v.1.1. Fungimap Inc., South Yarra.

Conference proceedings

Birch, J.L., Cantrill, D.G., Walsh, N.G. and Murphy, D.J. (2013). DNA barcoding of tussock grasses, BushBlitz Symposium, Canberra, Australia.

Birch, J.L., Cantrill, D.G., Walsh, N.G. and Murphy, D.J. (2013). Poaceae, Contributed Papers. Monocots V: 5th International Conference on the Comparative Biology of Monocotyledons, New York, New York, USA.


Hirst, M.J. (2013). A phylogenetic and morphological approach in a key Australian plant genus, Brachyscome. Australasian Plant Conservation 21, 24–26.