Science publications 2012

This is a list of the publications by research staff, students and Honorary Associates of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria for 2012. For details of individual staff members and their projects see the staff pages.

Refereed journal articles

Adair, R.J., Shackleton, A., Stajsic, V. and Gajaweera, R. (2012). The Biology of Australian Weeds 61. Polygala myrtifolia L. Plant Protection Quarterly 27, 119–130.

Bell, K.L. and Philips, T.K. (2012). Molecular systematics and evolution of the Ptinidae (Coleoptera: Bostrichoidea) and related families. Zoological Journal of the Linnaean Society 165, 88–108. doi:10.1111/j.1096-3642.2011.00792.x 

Birch, J.L., Keeley, S.C. and Morden, C.W. (2012). Molecular phylogeny and dating of Asteliaceae (Asparagales): Astelia s.l. evolution provides insight into the Oligocene history of New Zealand. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 65, 102–115. doi: 10.1016/j.ympev.2012.05.031.

Brown, A.J. (2012). Illustration, distribution and cultivation of Lachnagrostis robusta, L. billardierei and L. punicea (Poaceae). Muelleria 30, 72–80. 

Brown, G.K., Murphy, D.J., Kidman, J. and Ladiges, P.Y. (2012). Phylogenetic connections of phyllodinous species of Acacia outside Australia are explained by geological history and human-mediated dispersal. Australian Systematic Botany 25, 390–403. 

Chinnock, R.J., Stajsic, V. and Brodie, C.J. (2012). Mesembryanthemum guerchianum Pax (Aizoaceae): a weedy alien species new to Australia. Plant Protection Quarterly 27, 83–88. 

Dunk, C.W., Lebel, T. and Keane, P.J. (2012). Characterisation of ectomycorrhizal formation by the exotic fungus Amanita muscaria with Nothofagus cunninghamii in Victoria, Australia. Mycorrhiza 52,135–147.

French, P., James, E. and Walsh, N. (2012). Analysis of genetic variation in a disjunct, narcotic producing, population of Duboisia hopwoodii. Muelleria 20, 65–71.

Hurry, C.R.Walsh, N.G. and Murphy, D.J. (2012). A taxonomic review of Triodia bunicola and T. scariosa (Poaceae: Chloridoideae), based on morphological and molecular data. Australian Systematic Botany 25, 304–312.   

James E.A., Brown G.K., Citroen R. and Blacket, M.J. (2012). Microsatellite marker development for two species of holly-leafed Grevillea and cross-species amplification in the Aspleniifolia/Hookeriana Subgroup (Proteaceae). Conservation Genetics Resources 4, 137–140. doi: 10.1007/s12686-011-9493-5.

Jeanes, J.A. (2012). Two new rare species in the Thelymitra venosa complex (Orchidaceae) from south-eastern mainland Australia. Muelleria 30, 8–22.

Jordan, R., James, E.A., Brown, G.K. and Brown, A.L. (2012.) Isolation of microsatellites using 454-sequencing for the grassland shrub Pimelea spinescens (Thymelaeaceae). Conservation Genetics Resources 4, 1085–1087.

Kellerman, J. and Barker, W.R. (2012). Revision of the Spyridium bifidum – S. halmaturinum complex (Rhamnaceae: Pomaderreae) from South Australian and Victoria. Muelleria 30, 26–58.

Lebel, T., Orihara, T. and Nagawa, O. (2012). The sequestrate genus Rosbeeva T.Lebel & Orihara gen. nov. (Boletaceae) from Australasia and Japan: new species and new combinations. Fungal Diversity 52, 49–71.

Lebel, T., Orihara, T. and Nagawa, O. (2012). Erratum to: The sequestrate genus Rosbeeva T.Lebel & Orihara gen. nov. (Boletaceae) from Australasia and Japan: new species and new combinations. Fungal Diversity 52, 72.

Lebel, T., Peele, C., Veenstra, A. (2012). Fungi associated with Asphondylia (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) galls on Sarcocornia quinqueflora and Tecticornia arbuscula (Chenopodiaceae). Fungal Diversity 55, 143–154.

Lebel, T. and Syme, A.E. (2012). Sequestrate Agaricus and Macrolepiota from Australia: new combinations and species, and their position in a calibrated phylogeny. Mycologia 104, 496–520.

Maroske, S. (2012). Australian and Indian plants: making connexions in nineteenth-century botany. Historical Records of Australian Science 23, 107–119. 

May, T.W. and McMullan-Fisher, S.J.M. (2012). Don't be afraid of the F-word: prospects for integrating fungi into biodiversity monitoring. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria 124, 79–90.

Pettigrew, J.D., Bell, K.L., Bhagwandin, A., Grinan, E., Jillani, N., Meyer, J., Wabuyele, E. and Vickers, C.E. (2012). Morphology, ploidy and molecular phylogenetics reveal a new diploid species from Africa in the baobab genus Adansonia (Malvaceae: Bombacoideae). Taxon 61, 1240–1250.

Robinson, R.W., James, E.A. and Boon, P.I. (2012). Population structure in the clonal, woody wetland plant Melaleuca ericifolia (Myrtaceae): an analysis using historical aerial photographs and molecular techniques. Australian Journal of Botany 60, 9–19.

Schoch, C.L., Seifert, K.A., Huhndorf, S., Robert, V., Spuge, J.L., Levesque, C.A., Chen, W. and Fungal Barcoding Consortium [including Griffiths, K., May, T.W. and Stefani, F.O.P.] (2012). Nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region as a universal DNA barcode marker for Fungi. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109, 6241–6246.

Sauquet, H., Ho, S.Y.W., Gandolfo, M.A., Jordan, G.J., Wilf, P., Cantrill, D.J., Bayly, M.J., Bromham, L., Brown, G.K., Carpenter, R.J., Lee, D.M., Murphy, D.J., Sniderman, J.M.K. and Udovicic, F. (2012). Testing the impact of calibration on molecular divergence times using a fossil-rich group: the case of Nothofagus (Fagales). Systematic Biology 61(2), 289–313.

Seipel, T, Kueffer, C., Rew, L.J., Daehler, C.C., Pauchard, A., Naylor, B.J., Alexander, J.A., Edwards, P.J., Parks, C.G., Arevalo, J.R., Cavieres, L.A., Dietz, H., Jakobs, G., McDougall, K., Otto, R. and Walsh, N. (2012). Processes at multiple scales affect richness and similarity of non-native plant species in mountains around the world. Global Ecology and Biogeography 21, 236–246.

Syme, A.E. (2012). Diversification rates in the Australasian endemic grass Austrostipa – 15 million years of constant evolution. Plant Systematics and Evolution 298, 221–227.

Syme, A.E., Murphy, D.J., Holmes, G.D., Gardner, S., Fowler, R. and Cantrill, D.C. (2012). An expanded phylogenetic analysis of Austrostipa (Poaceae: Stipeae) to test infrageneric relationships. Australian Systematic Botany 25, 1–10.

Syme A.E. and Oakley T.H. (2012). Dispersal between shallow and abyssal seas and evolutionary loss and re-gain of ostracod compound eyes in cylindroleberidid ostracods: conflicting conclusions from different comparative methods. Systematic Biology 61, 314–336.

Udovicic F. and Spencer R.D. (2012). New combinations in Callistemon (Myrtaceae). Muelleria 30, 23–25.


Cantrill, D.J. and Poole, I. (2012). The vegetation of Antarctica through geological time. Cambridge University Press, New York.

Book chapters

Heard, T.A., Dhileepan, K., Bebawi, F., Bell, K.L. and Segura, R. (2012). Jatropha gossypiifolia L. – Bellyache Bush. In M. Julien, R. McFadyen and J. Cullen (eds), Biological control of weeds in Australia, pp. 324–333. CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne.

Other articles

Hirst, M.J. (2012). Native daisies add versatility. Australian Horticulture 109, 8.

May, T. (2012). News about fungal conservation and biodiversity. Fungimap Newsletter 45, 8–9.

Udovicic, F. (2012). English not Latin in botanical reports. Nature 492, 356. 

Udovicic, F. (2012). The new Brazilian Flora, and what to call the jelly palm? Palms & Cycads 117, 27–31.