Science publications 2008

This is a list of the publications by research staff, students and Honorary Associates of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria for 2008. For details of individual staff members and their projects see the staff pages.

Refereed journal articles

Bayly, M.J., Udovicic, F., Gibbs, A.K., Parra-O., C. and Ladiges, P.Y. (2008). Ribosomal DNA pseudogenes are widespread in the eucalypt group (Myrtaceae): implications for phylogenetic analysis. Cladistics 24, 131–146.

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Brown, G.K., Murphy, D.J., Miller, J.T. and Ladiges, P.Y. (2008). Acacia s.s. and its relationship amongst tropical legumes, tribe Ingeae (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae). Systematic Botany 33, 739–751.

Burke, J.M., Bayly, M.J., Adams, P.B. and Ladiges, P.Y. (2008). Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Dendrobium (Orchidaceae), with emphasis on the Australian section Dendrocoryne, and implications for generic classification.Australian Systematic Botany 21, 1–14.

Byrne, M., Yeates, D.K., Joseph, L., Kearney, M., Bowler, J., Williams, M.A.J., Cooper, S., Donnellan, S.C., Keogh, J.S., Leys, R., Melville, J., Murphy, D.J., Porch, N. and Wyrwoll, K.-H. (2008). Birth of a biome: insights into the assembly and maintenance of the Australian arid zone biota. Molecular Ecology 17, 4398–4417.

Gebert, W.A. and Duretto, M.F. (2008). Geographic variation in Crowea exalata (Rutaceae) and the recognition of two new subspecies. Telopea 12, 193–213.

Giles R.L., Drinnan, A.N. and Walsh, N.G. (2008). Variation in Phebalium glandulosum subsp. glandulosum: morphometric and anatomical evidence (Rutaceae). Australian Systematic Botany 21, 271–288.

Holmes, G.D., James, E.A. and Hoffmann A.A. (2008). Limitations to reproductive output and genetic rescue in populations of the rare shrub Grevillea repens (Proteaceae). Annals of Botany 102, 1031–1041.

Holmes, G.D., James, E.A. and Hoffmann, A.A. (2008). Divergent levels of genetic variation and ploidy among small populations of the rare shrub, Grevillea repensConservation Genetics 10, 827–837. doi: 10.1007/S10592-008-9643-9

Jones, R.H. and May, T.W. (2008). Pigment chemistry and morphology support recognition of Cortinarius austrocinnabarinus sp. nov. (Fungi: Cortinariaceae) from Australia. Muelleria 26, 77–87.

Kellermann, J. and Udovicic, F. (2008). Large indels obscure phylogeny in analysis of chloroplast DNA (trnL-F) sequence data: Pomaderreae (Rhamnaceae) revisited. Telopea 12, 1–22.

Klazenga, N. (2008). Report of the Nomenclatural Committee for Bryophyta: 9.Taxon 57, 639–640.

Lumbsch, H.T., Buchanan, P.K., May, T.W. and Mueller, G.M. (2008). Phylogeography and biogeography of fungi. Mycological Research 112, 423–424.

McDougall, K.L. and Walsh, N.G. (2008). A conspectus of high-country Craspedia (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae) from mainland south-eastern Australia. Muelleria 26(2), 3–10.

Murphy, D.J. (2008). A review of the classification of Acacia (Leguminosae, Mimosoideae). Muelleria 26(1), 10–26.

Reid, J.C. and Murphy, D.J. (2008). Some case studies of Acacia as weeds and implications for herbaria. Muelleria 26(1), 57–66.

Robinson, R. W., Boon, P.I., Sawtell, N., James, E.A. and Cross, R. (2008). Development of hypocotyl hairs and their importance for recruitment success in seedlings of Melaleuca ericifolia (Swamp Paperbark) Sm. Australian Journal of Botany 56, 564–573.

Sherwood, A.R., Vis, M.L., Entwisle, T.J., Necchi, O. Jr. and Presting, G.G. (2008). Contrasting intra versus interspecies DNA sequence variation for representatives of the Batrachospermales (Rhodophyta): insights from a DNA barcoding approach. Phycological Research 56, 269–279.

Skinner, S., FitzSimmons, N. and Entwisle, T.J. (2008). The moss-back alga (Cladophorophyceae, Chlorophyta) on two species of freshwater turtles in the Kimberleys. Telopea 12, 279–284.

Smith, Z.F., James, E.A. and McLean, C.B. (2008). In situ morphometric study of the Diuris punctata species complex (Orchidaceae) in southeastern Australia, with implications for the conservation of D. fragrantissima. Australian Systematic Botany 21, 289–300.

Trappe, J.M., Bougher, N.L., Castellano, M.A., Claridge, A.W., Gates, G.M., Lebel, T. and Ratkowsky, D.A. (2008). A preliminary census of the macrofungi of Mt Wellington, Tasmania – the sequestrate species. Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania 142, 85–95.

Virtue, J.G., Spencer, R.D., Weiss, J.E. and Reichard, S.E. (2008). Australia's Botanic Gardens weed risk assessment procedure. Plant Protection Quarterly 23(4), 166–178.

Walsh, N.G. (2008). Two new Pomaderris (Rhamnaceae) from south-eastern Australia. Muelleria 26(2), 11–16.

Walsh, N.G. (2008). A new species of Poa (Poaceae) from the Victorian Basalt Plain. Muelleria 26(2), 17–20.

Book chapters and conference proceedings

Francis, J.E., Ashworth, A., Cantrill, D.J., Crame, J.A., Howe, J., Stephens, R., Tosolini, A.-M. and Thorn, V. (2008). 100 million years of Antarctica climate evolution: evidence from fossil plants. In A.K. Cooper, P.J. Barrett, H. Stagg, B. Storey, E. Stump, W. Wise and the 10th ISAES editorial team (eds), Antarctica: a keystone in a changing world – proceedings of the 10th international symposium on Antarctic earth sciences. Washington DC, pp. 19–27. The National Academies Press, Washington DC.

Haywood, A.M., Smellie, J.L., Ashworth, A.C., Cantrill, D.J., Florindo, F., Hambrey, M.J., Hill, D., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Hunter, S.J., Larter, R.D., Lear C.H., Passchier, S., Wal, R. van de (2008). Middle Miocene to Pliocene history of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. In F. Florindo and M.J. Siegert (eds), Developments in earth and environmental sciences, vol. 8, Antarctic climate evolution, pp. 401–463. Elsevier, Amsterdam.


Cargill, C., Makinson, B. and May, T. (2008). Report to Fungal Initiative meeting from Communications Working Group.

May, T., Moore, S. and Tierney, D. (2008). The conservation and management of fungi in New South Wales – issues and recommendations. A Background Paper prepared for the Fungi Initiative.

Special issues

Lumbsch, H.T., Buchanan, P.K., May, T.W. and Mueller, G.M. (eds) (2008). Phylogeography and biogeography of fungi. Mycological Research 112(4).

Murphy, D. and Lebel, T. (eds) (2008). Acacia special issue. Muelleria 26(1).

Other articles

Beckmann, K, Lebel, T. and Milne J. (2008). Curiosity Cabinet. Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, South Yarra.

Cantrill, D.J. (2008). Book Review: Encyclopedia of the AntarcticAntarctic Science 20, 206–207.

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May, T. (2008). President's column. Fungimap Newsletter 34, 1, 3.

May, T. (2008). Fungi records in the middle, at the edge and on the top. Fungimap Newsletter 34, 8.

May, T. (2008). A name and a novel distribution for Hypocreopsis sp. 'Nyora'. Fungimap Newsletter 34, 9.

May, T.W. (2008). An analysis and a vision for the publishing of plant and fungal taxonomy in Australia. Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter 136, 27–36. 

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Walsh, N.G. (2008). Foreword. In R. Best. and D. Francis, Macedon Ranges flora: a photographic guide to the flora of Barrm Birrm, Riddells Ck. Riddells Creek Landcare.

Zalasiewicz, J., Williams, M., Smith, A., Barry, T.L., Coe, A.L., Brown, P., Brenchley, P., Cantrill, D., Gale, A., Gibbard, P., Gregory, F.J., Hounslow, M., Kerr, A.C., Paerson, P., Knox, R., Powell, J., Waters, C., Marshall, J.E., Oates, M., Rawson, P. and Stone, P. (2008). Are we living in the Athropocene? GSA Today 18(2), 4–8.