Muelleria – Vol. 8(3): 263-402 (1995)

Muelleria Volume 8(3) was first published as hard copy on 31 May 1995.


From the Editor (PDF – 354 kB)

D.B. Foreman

p. 263

A new saxicolous species and new records of Poronia (lichenised Ascomycotina, Trichotheliaceae) from Australia (PDF – 1.36 MB)

P.M. McCarthy

pp. 265–268

Notes on Australian Verrucariaceae (lichenised Ascomycotina). 4. Polyblastia Massal (PDF – 1.71 MB)

P.M. McCarthy

pp. 269–273

Notes on Australian Verrucariaceae (lichenised Ascomycotina). 5. Staurothele pallidopora sp. nov. from south-eastern Queensland (PDF – 1.05 MB)

P.M. McCarthy

pp. 275–277

Sarcolobus rubescens (Asclepiadaceae: Marsdenieae), a new species from Papua New Guinea (PDF – 1.33 MB)

P.I. Forster

pp. 279–282

A new species of Rytidosperma (Poaceae: Arundinae) in New South Wales and Victoria (PDF – 1.07 MB)

H.P. Linder and N.G. Walsh

pp. 283–285

Notes on Protoglossum (Fungi: Cortinariales) (PDF – 1.07 MB)

T.W. May

pp. 287–289

Batrachospermum antipodites sp. nov. (Batrachospermaceae): a widespread freshwater red alga in eastern Australia and New Zealand (PDF – 3.32 MB)

T.J. Entwisle

pp. 291–298

Two new species of Monotoca (Epacridaceae) endemic in Victoria (PDF – 3.15 MB)

D.E. Albrecht

pp. 299–306

Gompholobium inconspicuum (Fabaceae: Mirbeliaceae), a new species from south-eastern Australia (PDF – 1.32 MB)

M.D. Crisp

pp. 307–310

Grevillea celata (Proteaceae), a new species from central eastern Gippsland, Victoria (PDF – 2.46 MB)

W. Molyneux

pp. 311–316

Two new species of Epacridaceae from Victoria (PDF – 1.77 MB)

Y. Menadue and R.K. Crowden

pp. 317–321

New saxicolous species of Strigula Fr. (lichenised Ascomycotina, Strigulaceae) from Australia and New Zealand (PDF – 2.61 MB)

P.M. McCarthy

pp. 323–329

New Australian species of Triglochin L. (Jugcagiaceae) formerly included in T. procerum R.Br. (PDF – 14.3 MB)

H. Aston

pp. 331–364

Studies in Phormiaceae (Liliaceae) 1: new species and combinations in Dianella Lam. Ex Juss. (PDF – 5.53 MB)

G.W. Carr and P.F. Horsfall

pp. 365–378

Callistemon kenmorrisoii (Myrtaceae), a new species from east Gippsland (PDF – 1.56 MB)

W. Molyneux

pp. 379–383

Nyctalis mirabilis (Fungi: Agaricales), a new species from Australia (PDF – 2.08 MB)

T.W. May and B.A. Fuhrer

pp. 385–390

Notes on Pultenaea Sm. (Fabacaeae) in Victoria (PDF – 1.46 MB)

M.G. Corrick

pp. 391–394

Ferdinand Mueller Anniversary (PDF – 1.41 MB)

S. Maroske

pp. 395–398

Book review: Management of Endangered Plants (PDF – 494 kB)

T.J. Entwisle

p. 399

Book review: Australian tropical rain forest trees: an interactive identification system (PDF – 980 kB)

P. Jobson

pp. 401–402