Muelleria – Vol. 8(2): 99–262 (1994)

Muelleria Volume 8(2) was first published as hard copy on 30 March 1994.


Notes on Australian Verrucariaceae (lichenised Ascomycotina): 3 (PDF – 2.52 MB)

P.M. McCarthy

pp. 99–105

Pomaderris brevifolia (Rhamnaceae), a new species from south-west Western Australia (PDF – 1.66 MB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 107–111

Senecio psilocarpus (Asteraceae), a new species of erechthitoid Senecio from western Victoria and south-eastern South Australia (PDF – 1.66 MB)

R.O. Belcher and D.E. Albrecht

pp. 113–117

A new species of Pultenaea (Fabaceae) from south-east Australia (PDF – 1.17 MB)

M.G. Corrick

pp. 119–122

Lomandra oreophila (Lomandraceae) – a new species in the L. micrantha group (PDF – 3.45 MB)

B.J.Conn and A-L. Quirico

pp. 123–132

Hafellia dissa and H. levieri (lichenised Asomycetes, Physiaceae) two corticolous and lignicolous species in Tasmania (PDF – 2.19 MB)

W. Pusswald, G. Kantvilas, and H. Mayrhofer

pp. 133–140

Type collections of African Asclepiadaceae in the National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) (PDF – 3.31 MB)

P.I. Forster

pp. 141–149

Sphaerolobium acanthos (Fabaceae: Mirbeliae), a new species from the Grampians, Victoria (PDF – 1.27 MB)

M.D. Crisp

pp. 151–154

A revised checklist of the Tasmanian lichen flora (PDF – 8.17 MB)

G. Kantvilas

pp. 155–175

New species of Orchidaceae from south-eastern Australia (PDF – 6.21 MB)

D.L. Jones

pp. 177–192

Eucalyptus silvestris, a new species of Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) for Victoria and South Australia and notes on Victorian occurrences of Eucalyptus odorata (PDF – 2.16 MB)

K. Rule

pp. 193–199

Notes on Western Australian Bossiaea species (Fabaceae): 1 (PDF – 3.58 MB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 201–209

Notes on Western Australian Bossiaea species (Fabaceae): 2 (PDF – 4.14 MB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 211–221

Three new endemic subspecies of Snowgum in Victoria and notes on the taxonomy of the informal subspecies pauciflora L.D. Pryor & L.A.S. Johnson (PDF – 3.98 MB)

K. Rule

pp. 223–233

Morphometric studies of the genus Tasmannia (Winteraceae) in Victoria, Australia (PDF – 8.1 MB)

R.E. Raleigh, P.Y. Ladiges, T.J. Entwisle, and A.N. Drinnan

pp. 235–256

Book review: Acacias of Southeast Australia (PDF – 475 kB)

B. Maslin

p. 257

Book review: Identifying the weeds around you – revised second edition (PDF – 1.22 MB)

D.E. Albrecht

pp. 259–261