Muelleria – Vol. 8(1): 1–98 (1993)

Muelleria Volume 8(1) was first published as hard copy on 24 May 1993.


New saxicolous species of Ditremis Clements (lichenised Ascomycotina, Monoblastiaceae) from New Zealand and Hawaii (PDF – 1.34 MB)


pp. 1–4

The discovery of Batrachospermalean taxa (Rhodophyta) in Australia and New Zealand (PDF – 5.41 MB)

T.J. Entwisle

pp. 5–16

Hybanthus stellariodes new combination in Violaceae, a widespread species from eastern Australia and Papua New Guinea (PDF – 1.04 MB)

P.I. Forster

pp. 17–19

Two new species of Boronia (Rutaceae) endemic in Victoria (PDF – 1.97 MB)

D.E. Albrecht and N.G. Walsh

pp. 21–25

Gonocarpus pycnostachys (F.Muell.) Orch. (Haloragaceae) rediscovered (PDF – 1.32 MB)


pp. 27–29

New records of pyrenocarpous lichens from Australia (PDF – 2.23 MB)

P.M. McCarthy

pp. 31–36

Utricularia beaugleholei (Lentibulariaceae: Subgenus Utricularia: Section Pleiochasia), a new species from south-eastern Australia (PDF – 1.88 MB)

R.J. Gassin

pp. 37–42

Bacidia albidoplumbea (lichenised Ascomycotina) and its taxonomic synonyms in Tasmania (PDF – 1.29 MB)

G. Kantvilas

pp. 43–46

Dillwynia sieberi distinguished from D. juniperina (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae) in south-eastern Australia (PDF – 1.67 MB)

D.E. Albrecht and M.D. Crisp

pp. 47–50

A new species of Pultenaea (Fabaceae) in Victoria (PDF – 1.03 MB)

M.G. Corrick

pp. 51–53

Notes on Pultenaea gunnii Benth. (Fabaceae) in Australia and description of a new subspecies from Victoria (PDF – 682 kB)

M.G. Corrick

pp. 55–56

Notes on Isoetes and Tmesipteris in Victoria (PDF – 1.64 MB)

R.J. Chinnock

pp. 57–60

A new species of Callistemon R.Br. (Myrtaceae) from east Gippsland (PDF – 1.46 MB)

W. Molyneux

pp. 61–64

A new species of Marsilea L. (Marsileaceae) from Australia (PDF – 915 kB)

D.L. Jones

pp. 65–67

The status of recently named orchids from south-eastern Australia (PDF – 1.65 MB)

M.A. Clements

pp. 69–72

New species of Pterostylis R.Br. (Orchidaceae) from Victoria and New South Wales (PDF – 4.37 MB)

D.L. Jones and M.A. Clements

pp. 73–83

New Australian species of Triglochin L. (Juncaginaceae) formerly included in T. procerum R.Br. (PDF – 4.87 MB)

H.I. Aston

pp. 85–97