Muelleria – Vol. 7(4): 417–558 (1992)

Muelleria Volume 7(4) was first published as hard copy on 16 April 1992.


Plectranthus blakei (Lamiaceae), a new species from central Queensland (PDF – 1.43 MB)

P.I Forster

pp. 417–420

A note on Plagiocarpus Benth. (Fabaceae: Brongniartieae) (PDF – 1.08 MB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 421–423

The setaceous species of Batrachospermum (Rhodophyta): a re-evaluation of B. atrum, (Hudson) Harvey and B. puiggarianum Grunow including the description of B. diatyches sp. nov. from Tasmania, Australia (PDF – 7.88 MB)

T.J. Entwisle

pp. 425–445

A new species of Pomaderris Labill. (Rhamnaceae) from north-east Victoria (PDF – 1.15 MB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 447–449

New taxa in Victorian Poaceae (2) (PDF – 2.32 MB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 451–456

Chromosome number determinations in Brachysome Cass. (Asteraceae: Astereae) with comments on species delimination relationships and cytogeography (PDF – 5.86 MB)

K. Watanabe and P.S. Short

pp. 457–471

Alpine botanical expeditions of Ferdinand Mueller (PDF – 7.41 MB)

L. Gillbank

pp. 473–489

Ptilotus eriotrichus (Amaranthaceae) revisited (PDF – 1.83 MB)

P.S. Short

pp. 491–494

Lectotypification of Fumaria muralis Sond. Ex Koch (Fumariaceae) (PDF – 681 kB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 495–496

Two new species of Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) in south-eastern Australia (PDF – 3.61 MB)

                K. Rule

                pp. 497–505

A new species and new records from the Tasmanian lichen flora (PDF – 4.48 MB)

G. Kantvilas and J.A. Elix

pp. 507–517

Some nomenclatural changes in the Angianthinae and Cassiniinae (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae) (PDF – 2.32 MB)

P.G. Wilson, P.S. Short and A.E. Orchard

pp. 519–524

A new specis of Lobelia L. (Campanulaceae: Lobeliodeae) from Victoria and South Australia (PDF – 1.54 MB)

D. Albrecht

pp. 525–528

‘Such Ingenious Birds’: Ferdinand Mueller and William Swainson in Victoria. (PDF – 12.1 MB)

S. Maroske and H.I. Cohn

pp. 529–553

Book review: A taxonomic revision of Lamium (Lamiaceae) (PDF – 463 kB)

R. Spencer

p. 555

Book review: The Macmillan Dictionary of the Australian Environment (PDF – 747 kB)

T.J. Entwisle

pp. 557–558