Muelleria – Vol. 7(2): 141–312 (1990)

Muelleria Volume 7(2) was first published as hard copy on 30 March 1990.


A new species of Cassinia R.Br. (Asteraceae) from South-west Victoria (PDF – 1.43 MB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 141–145

New taxa and a new combination in Tasmanian Poaceae (PDF – 6.64 MB)

D.I. Morris

pp. 147–171

Some species of Cladonia published by JD. Hooker & T. Taylor from the Southern Hemisphere (PDF – 1.95 MB)

T. Ahti, S. Soili and A.W. Archer

pp. 173–177

The mycorrhizal associations of Australian Inuleae (Asteraceae) (PDF – 2.96 MB)

J.H. Warcup

pp. 179–187

Notes on Australian Verrucaraiceae (Lichens): 1 (PDF – 1.08 MB)

P.M. McCarthy

pp. 189–192

Eucalyptus wimmerensis, a new species of Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae) from Victoria and South Australia (PDF – 3.27 MB)

K. Rule

pp. 193–201

Notes on Hovea R.Br. (Fabaceae): 4 (PDF – 1.24 MB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 203–206

Two new species of Pomaderris Labill. (Rhamnaceae) from New South Wales (PDF – 1.83 MB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 207–212

A revision of Trichanthodium Sond. & Muell. ex Sond. (Asteraceae: Inuleae: Gnaphaliinae) (PDF – 3.84 MB)

P.S. Short

pp. 213–224

A revision of the genus Chthonocephalus Steetz (Asteraceae: Inuleae: Gnaphaliinae) (PDF – 4.43 MB)

P.S Short

pp. 225–238

New taxa and new combinations in Australian Gnaphaliinae (Inuleae: Gnaphaliinae) (PDF – 4.47 MB)

P.S. Short

pp. 239–252

Two new species of Callistemon R.Br. (Myrtaceae) (PDF – 1.42 MB)

P.F. Lumley and R.D. Spencer

pp. 253–257

Haegiela, a new genus of the Australian Asteraceae (Inuleae: Gnaphaliinae), with notes on the genus Epaltes Cass. (PDF – 2.16 MB)

P.S. Short and P.G. Wilson

pp. 259–265

The Pomaderris oraria F. Muell. complex in Australia (PDF – 7.1 MB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 267–287

New species of Hibbertia Andr. (Dilleniaceae) in New South Wales, Australia (PDF – 2.01 MB)

B.J. Conn

pp. 289–294

A new species of Acrotriche R.Br. (Epacridaceae) from South-Eastern Australia (PDF – 1.3 MB)

P.C. Jobson and T. Whiffin

pp. 295–299

New species of Petrophile R.Br. (Proteaceae) from Western Australia (PDF – 2.58 MB)

D.B. Foreman

pp. 301–310

Book review: How to know Western Australian wildflowers. Part1. Restructured and revised. Second edition(PDF – 559 kB)

M.G. Corrick

pp. 311–312