Muelleria – Vol. 6(5): 299–388 (1987)

Muelleria Volume 6(5) was first published as hard copy on 1 April 1987.


New species of Xylomelum Sm. and Triunia Johnson & Briggs (Proteaceae) (PDF – 2.21 MB)

D.B. Foreman

pp. 299–305

The genus Kniphofia Moench (Aloeaceae) in Australia (PDF – 1.37 MB)

J.G. Conran

pp. 307–310

Limnophyton australiense sp. nov. (Alismataceae): a new generic record for Australia (PDF – 2.24 MB)

H.I. Aston

pp. 311–316

Notes on Gnephosis Cass. (Compositae: inulae: Gnaphaliinae) (PDF – 997 kB)

P.S. Short

pp. 317–319

Two new species of Westringia (Labiatae) from New South Wales (PDF – 2.8 MB)

B.J. Conn

pp. 321–328

Notes on the wood anatomy of Idiospermum australiense (Idiospermaceae) (PDF – 1.77 MB)

D.B. Foreman

pp. 329–333

Studies in Antarctic lichens 6: further notes on Umbilicaria (PDF – 5.32 MB)

R.B. Filson

pp. 335–347

A revision of Blennospora A.Gray (Compositae: Inuleae: Gnaphaliinae) (PDF – 3.3 MB)

P.S Short

pp. 349–358

Nymphoides beaglensis (Menyanthaceae): a new Australian species (PDF – 1.4 MB)

H.I. Aston

pp. 359–362

Variation in Eustrephus R.Br. ex Ker Gawler and Geitonoplesium Cunn. ex R.Br. (Asparagales: Luzuriagaceae) (PDF – 2.31 MB)

J.G. Conran

pp. 363–369

A new Western Australian species of Prostanthera section Klanderia (Labiatae) (PDF – 1.19 MB)

B.J. Conn

pp. 371–374

A study of the variation within and between Prostanthera monticola and P. walteri (Labiatae) using leaf volatile oils (PDF – 2.25 MB)

B.J. Conn

pp. 375–382

Two new lichens: Cladonia squamulosa var. subsquamulosa and C. sulcata var. striata with notes on chemotaxonomy within the species (PDF – 2.41 MB)

A.W. Archer

pp. 383–388