Muelleria – Vol. 6(4): 237–298 (1986)

Muelleria Volume 6(4) was first published as hard copy on 14 May 1986.


A revision of Pogonolepis Steetz (Compositae: Inulae: Gnaphaliinae) (PDF – 5.33 MB)

P.S. Short

pp. 237–253

Lectotypification of Stuartina muelleri (Compositae: Inulae) with notes on Stuartina in Victoria and South Australia (PDF – 972 kB)

H.I. Aston and D.A.Cooke

pp. 255–257

New species of Hemigenia and Microcorys (Labiatae) (PDF – 2.14 MB)

B.J. Conn

pp. 259–264

The alpine vegetation of Victoria, excluding the Bogong High Plains region (PDF – 7.47 MB)

N.G. Walsh, R.H. Barley and P.K. Gullan

pp. 265–292

Two new species of Callistemon R.Br. (Myrtaceae) (PDF – 1.96 MB)

R.D. Spencer and P.F. Lumley

pp. 293–298