Muelleria – Vol. 6(3): 159–236 (1986)

Muelleria Volume 6(3) was first published as hard copy on 14 May 1986.


Notes on Trachymene humilis (J.D.Hook.) Benth. (Umbelliferae) (PDF – 2.83 MB)

P.S. Short

pp. 159–167

Studies in Macquarie Island lichens 3: the genus Sphaerophorus (PDF – 1.12 MB)

R.B. Filson

pp. 169–172

New or noteworthy taxa of Senecio (Asteraceae) in Australia I (PDF – 2.34 MB)

R.O. Belcher

pp. 173–179

Two new species of Olearia Moench (Compositae: Astereae) from Central Australia (PDF – 1.09 MB) 

D.A. Cooke

pp. 181–184

Caladenia calcicola (Orchidaceae), a new species from Victoria, Australia (PDF – 2.44 MB)

G.W. Carr

pp. 185–191

A new species of Helicia, new combinations and lectotypification in Triunia (Proteaceae) from Australia (PDF – 1.25 MB)

D.B. Foreman

pp. 193–196

Nymphoides disperma (Menyanthaceae): a new Australian species (PDF – 1.14 MB)

H.I. Aston

pp. 197–200

A new species of Carex (Cyperaceae: Caricoideae) from south eastern Australia (PDF – 1.05 MB)

K.R. Thiele

pp. 201–204

Rediscovery of Hemichroa mesembryanthema F.Muell. (Amaranthaceae) (PDF – 1.6 MB)

R.J. Chinnock and F.J. Badman

pp. 205–209

Notes on Afzelia Sm. and Petalostylis R.Br. (Caesalpiniaceae) (PDF – 1.8 MB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 211–215

Studies in Macquarie Island lichens 4: the genera Cladia and Cladonia (PDF – 5.78 MB)

R.B. Filson and A.W. Archer

pp. 217–235