Muelleria – Vol. 6(2): 79–158 (1985)

Muelleria Volume 6(2) was first published as hard copy on 29 May 1985.


Seven new species of Helicia Lour. (Proteaceae) from Papua New Guinea (PDF – 3.77 MB)

D.B. Foreman

pp. 79–91

Two new lichens: Cladonia bimberiensis and C. weymouthii (PDF – 973 kB)

A.W. Archer

pp. 93–95

Vegetation of South and Central Gippsland (PDF – 12.3 MB)

P.K. Gullan, S.J. Forbes, G.E. Earl, R.H. Barley and N.G. Walsh 

pp. 97–145

Grevillea obteca (Proteaceae), a new species from central Victoria (PDF – 1.43 MB)

W. Molyneux

pp. 147–151

The status of the name Lasiopetalum tepperi F.Muell. (Sterculiaceae) (PDF – 1.45 MB)

P.S. Short

pp. 153–157