Muelleria – Vol. 4(4): 297–440 (1981)

Muelleria Volume 4(4) was first published as hard copy on 20 May 1981.


New species of Schoenus (Cyperaceae) and Trithuria (Hydatellaceae) (PDF – 1.64 MB)

D.A. Cooke

pp. 299–303

Studies on Macquarie Island lichens I: General (PDF – 3.34 MB)

R.B. Filson

pp. 305–316

Studies on Macquarie Island lichens 2: The genera Hypogymnia, Menegazzia, Parmelia and Pseudocyphellaria (PDF – 4.89 MB)

R.B. Filson

pp. 317–331

Vegetation of the Gippsland Lakes catchment (PDF – 14.2 MB)

P.K. Gullan, N.G. Walsh and S.J. Forbes

pp. 333–383

Dates of publication of Australian pharmacy journals in conenction with taxonomy (PDF – 921 kB)

T.B. Muir

pp. 385–387

Notes on Templetonia R.Br. (Papilionaceae) (PDF – 1.71 MB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 389–393

Pollen-ovule ratios, breeding systems and distribution patterns of some Australian Gnaphaliinae (Compositae: Inuleae) (PDF – 8.27 MB)

P.S. Short

pp. 395–417

Notes on a little known publication by Sonder on the marine algae of the New Hebrides (PDF – 1.26 MB)

D.M. Sinkora

pp. 419–422

A new species of Grevillea (Proteaceae) from Victoria (PDF – 1.7 MB)

R.V. Smith

pp. 423–427

A conspectus of new records and nomenclature for vascular plants in Victoria 2. 1978 – early 1980 (PDF – 4.04 MB)

M.A. Todd

pp. 429–438

Book reviews

Acacias of South Australia. D.J.E. Whibley (PDF – 416 kB)

J.H. Ross

p. 439

Flora of New Zealand. Volume 3, Adventive cyperaceous, petalous and spathaceous monocotlyedons. A.J. Healy and E. Edgar (PDF – 353 kB)

P. Lumley

p. 440