Muelleria – Vol. 4(3): 205–296 (1980)

Muelleria Volume 4(3) was first published as hard copy on 26 May 1980.


New or noteworthy Australian Euphorbiaceae – II (PDF – 14.3 MB)

H.K. Airy Shaw

pp. 207–241

An alphabetical check-list of native Australian Euphorbiaceae (PDF – 673 kB)

H.K. Airy Shaw

pp. 243–245

A new species of Templetonia (Papilionaceae) from Western Australia (PDF – 1.08 MB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 247–249

The herbarium and plant collections of Norman. A. Wakefield (1918–1972) (PDF – 3.72 MB)

H. Aston

pp. 251–263

Studies in Australian Centrolepidaceae I: The scapeless species of Centrolepis Labill. (PDF – 2.63 MB)

D.A. Cooke

pp. 265–272

A new Australian lichen: Cladonia kuringaiensis (PDF – 850 kB)

A.W. Archer

pp. 273–275

The occurrence of Phyllocladus aspleniifolius (Labill.) Hook.f. in Victoria, prior to 1100 BP (PDF – 2.77 MB)

D.M Churchill and J.R. Dodson

pp. 277–284

Hydrocleys nymphoides (Butomaceae) in Australia (PDF – 3.20 MB)

H.I. Aston and S.W.L. Jacobs

pp. 285–293

Book reviews and notices

 Lichens of South Australia. Rex B. Filson and Roderick W. Rogers. (PDF – 400 kB)

G.A.M. Scott

p. 295

Descriptive notes on Papuan plants, by Ferdinand von Mueller. (PDF – 400 kB)

p. 295

Kosciusko Alpine flora. A.B. Costin, M. Gray, C.J. Totterdell and D.J. Wimbush. (PDF – 435 kB)

H.I. Aston

p. 296