Muelleria – Vol. 4(2): 121–204 (1979)

Muelleria Volume 4(2) was first published as hard copy 18 May 1979.


An index to the new taxa, new names and new combinations published by Ferdinand J.H. Mueller (PDF – 13.1 MB)

T.B. Muir

pp. 123–168

A new species of Apteropteris (Hymenophyllaceae) from Tasmania (PDF – 1.26 MB)

A.M. Gray and R.G. Williams

pp. 169–172

A conspectus of new records and nomenclature for vascular plants in Victoria during the period 1970–1977 (PDF – 11.5 MB)

M.A. Todd

pp. 173–199

Pomatocalpa marsupiale (Orchidaceae), a new record for Australia (PDF – 656 kB)

B. Gray

pp. 201–203

Book review

Plant taxonomic literature in Australian libraries. Nancy T. Burbidge. (PDF – 366 kB)

M.A. Todd

p. 204