Muelleria – Vol. 3(2): 69–164 (1975)

Muelleria Volume 3(2) was first published as hard copy on 8 July 1975.


James Hamlyn Willis. A biographical sketch. (PDF – 6.42 MB)


pp. 71–88

Four new species of plants endemic in the Macdonnell and George Gill Ranges, Central Australia (PDF – 4.3 MB)

J.H. Willis

pp. 89–101

Grevillea willisii (Proteaceae), a new Victorian species (PDF – 3.32 MB)

R.V. Smith and D.J. McGillivray

pp. 102–111

A fruiting occurrence of Bryum algens Card. in east Antarctica (PDF – 1.43 MB)

R.B. Filson and J.H. Willis

pp. 112–116

Studies in Antarctic lichens III: Notes on Rinodina olivaceobrunnea Dodge& Baker, from the Antarctic and moss-inhabiting species of Rinodina from other parts of the world (PDF – 1.27 MB)

R.B. Filson

pp. 117–121

Trachycarpidium in Queensland, Australia (PDF – 2.24 MB)

I.G. Stone

pp. 122–129

Studies in Antarctic lichens IV: Notes on Umbilicaria aprina Nyl. (PDF – 2.81 MB)

R.B. Filson

pp. 130–140

A new Grevillea species from western Victoria (PDF – 1.38 MB)

W.M. Molyneux

pp. 141–145

Studies in Antarctic lichens V: Lichenes Antarctici Exsiccati, Fascicle I, with additional notes on the taxonomy of each species (PDF – 4.05 MB)

R.B. Filson

pp. 146–158

Book reviews

W.R. Guilfoyle. R.T.M. Pescott (PDF – 631 kB)

D.M. Churchill

pp. 159–160

The Kew record of taxonomic literature relating to vascular plants for 1971 (PDF – 601 kB)

M.A. Todd

pp. 160–161

Poisonous plants of Australi. Selwyn L. Everist (PDF – 915 kB)

H.I. Aston

pp. 161–163

Author and classified catalogues of the Royal Botanic Gardens library, Kew, England (PDF – 508 kB)

M.A. Todd

pp. 163–164