Muelleria – Vol. 2(2): 117–148 (1971)

Muelleria Volume 2(2) was first published as hard copy on 30 August 1971.

Cover and contents (PDF – 298 kB)


Otto Carl Berg's types of Myrtaceae in the National Herbarium of Victoria (PDF – 2.9 MB)

J.A. Anderson

pp. 119–131

Additions to the Flora of the Northern Territory (PDF – 1.1 MB)

J.R.Maconochie and N. Byrnes

pp. 133–137

A new combination in the genus Bossiaea Vent. (Papilionaceae) (PDF – 0.98 MB)

A.B. Court

pp. 139–142

A new species of Mountain Heath from Tasmania (PDF – 731 kB)

A.M. Gray

pp. 143–144

Further collections of two little-known Stylidiaceae from the Northern Territory (PDF – 412 kB)

J.R. Maconochie and S.A. Parker

pp. 145–146

Colourless algae of the flagellate genus Monosiga from Victoria, Australia (PDF – 549 kB)

B.V. Skvortzov and M. Noda

pp. 147–148