Muelleria – Vol. 18 (2003)

Muelleria Volume 18 was first published as hard copy on 28 November 2003 and subsequently made available online.

Cover and contents (PDF – 108 kB)

Contributed papers

Melaleuca uxorum (Myrtaceae), a new species from north-eastern Australia (PDF – 117 kB)

L.A. Craven, G. Holmes and G. Sankowsky

pp. 3–6

New species and a new hybrid in the Viola hederacea species complex, with notes on Viola hederacea Labill (PDF – 547 kB)

K.R. Thiele and S.M. Prober

pp. 7–25

A new species of Cardamine (Brassicaceae) from south-eastern Australia and a key to Cardamine in Australia (PDF – 150 kB)

I.R. Thompson

pp. 27–32

Seed morphology of Australian species of Nymphoides (Menyanthaceae) (PDF – 968 kB)

H.I. Aston

pp. 33–65

Reinstatement of Epacris franklinii Hook.f. (Epacridaceae) (PDF – 226 kB)

R.K. Crowden

pp. 67–73

Australasian Sequestrate Fungi 16. Gastrotylopilus, a synonym of Fistulinella (PDF – 201 kB)

J.M. Trappe, R. Watling, E. Cázares and A.W. Claridge

pp. 75–77

Genetic comparison between Victorian and Tasmanian populations of Prasophyllum correctum D.L.Jones (Orchidaceae) suggests separate species (PDF – 225 kB)

L.A. Orthia, R.C. Garrick and E.A. James

pp. 79–87

Genetic comparison of populations of the rare Gorae Leek Orchid, Prasophyllum diversiflorum Nicholls (Orchidaceae) (PDF – 232 kB)

R.C. Garrick, L.A. Orthia and E.A. James

pp. 89–97

A revisionary treatment of four species of Prasophyllum R.Br. (Orchidaceae) loosely related to P. correctum D.L.Jones (PDF – 284 kB)

D.L. Jones

pp. 99–109

Short communication: A corrected spelling of Boronia yarrowmerensis Duretto (Rutaceae) (PDF – 106 kB)

M.F. Duretto

p. 111