Muelleria – Vol. 16 (2002)

Muelleria Volume 16 was first published as hard copy on 20 December 2002 and subsequently made available online.

Cover and contents (PDF – 154 kB)

Contributed papers

The Hygrophoraceae of Tasmania (PDF – 249 kB)

A.M. Young and A.K. Mills

pp. 3–28

Genetic evidence supports reclassification of Agrostis billardierei var. filifolia and A. aemula R.Br. var setifolia as a single species, A. punicea (Poaceae) (PDF – 145 kB)

E.A. James, M.C. Ryan, Y.J. Fripp and A.J. Brown

pp. 29–38

Notes on Conothamnus Lindl. with the description of a new section, sect. Gongylocephalus Craven (Myrtaceae) (PDF – 110 kB)

L.A. Craven

pp. 39–42

Calotis cuneata var. pubsecens (Asteraceae), change in rank and notes on its distribution and ecology (PDF – 17.3 kB)

N.G. Walsh and K.L. McDougall

pp. 43–46

Successful DNA amplification from Acacia (Leguminosae) and other refractory Australian plants and fungi using a nested/semi-nested PCR protocol (PDF – 209 kB)

F. Udovicic and D.J. Murphy

pp. 47–53

A systematic study of Acacia calamifolia s.l., with special emphasis on A. euthycarpa in Victoria (PDF – 229 kB)

S.H. Wright, J.W. Grimes, and P.Y. Ladiges

pp. 55–64

Agyrium Fr., Bryophagus Nitschke ex Arnold and Racodium Fr., lichen genera previously unrecorded for Australia (PDF – 67.3 kB)

G. Kantvilas

pp. 65–70

Alexander Clifford Beauglehole OAM (26 August 1920–19 January 2002) (PDF – 102 kB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 71–79

Some new combinations and a new hybrid genus in Orchidaceae: Diurideae for eastern Australia (PDF – 27 kB)

J.A. Jeanes

pp. 81–82

Nymphoides simulans (Menyanthaceae): a new species from northern Australia (PDF – 88.5 kB)

H.I. Aston

pp. 83–86

Variation within Asterolasia asteriscophora sensu lato (Rutaceae: Boronieae) and the recognition of new taxa in eastern Australia (PDF – 570 kB)

                B.J. Mole, M.F. Duretto, P.Y. Ladiges and E.A. James

                pp. 87–112