Muelleria – Vol. 15 (2001)

Muelleria Volume 15 was first published as hard copy on 28 August 2001 and subsequently made available online.

Cover and contents (PDF – 96.5 kB)

Contributed papers

Semidelitschia nanostellata (Fungi: Dothideales: Sporormiaceae): A new species from Australia (PDF – 1.29 MB)

A. Bell and D.P. Mahoney

pp. 3–6

Two new endemic Australian genera in the tribe Brongniartieae (Fabaceae) to accommodate two species formerly included in Templetonia R.Br. (PDF – 2.95 MB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 7–14

Notes on the Philotheca myoporoides complex (Rutaceae) in Victoria (PDF – 1.26 MB)

A.C. Rozefelds

pp. 15–18

The Tasmanian species of Philotheca (Rutaceae) (PDF – 2.8 MB)

A.C. Rozefelds

pp. 19–26

A new species of Oreobolus, O. tholicarpus (Cyperaceae), endemic to Tasmania (PDF – 1.13 MB)

D.I. Morris

pp. 27–30

The identity of Bossiaea strigillosa Benth. (Fabaceae: Tribe Bossiaeeae) (PDF – 520 kB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 31–32

A revision of Centipeda (Asteraceae) (PDF – 12.7 MB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 33–64

Cypsela morphology and a reassessment of the record of Omalotheca supina (Asteraceae) from Tasmania (PDF – 1.6 MB)

A.C. Rozefelds

pp. 65–68

Lepidium ginninderrense (Brassicaceae), a new species from the Australian Capital Territory (PDF – 2.11 MB)

N.H. Scarlett

pp. 69–74

Resolution of the Thelymitra canaliculata R.Br. (Orchidaceae) complex in southern Australia (PDF – 5.4 MB)

J.A. Jeanes

pp. 75–89


D.J. Carr ‘The stomata of bluegums (Eucalyptus spp.), Vol 14, p. 34. (PDF – 1.85 kB)

                p. 91

S. Ford, M. Gibson and G. Duke ‘The lichens of Nothofagus cunninghamii-dominated rainforests and Acacia melanoxylon-dominated forest in the Otways, Victoria.’ (PDF – 145 kB)

                p. 93

J.A. Jeanes, ‘Two new species of Thelymitra (Orchidaceae) from south-eastern Australia.’ (PDF – 329 kB)

                p. 95–96