Muelleria – Vol. 12(2): 133-244 (1999)

Muelleria Volume 12(2) was first published as hard copy on 24 January 2000.

Cover and contents (PDF – 102 kB)

Contributed papers

A new species of Phymatocarpus (Myrtaceae) from southwestern Australia (PDF – 670 kB)

L.A. Craven

pp. 133–134

Studies on the lichen genus Cladia Nyl. in Tasmania: the C. aggregata complex (PDF – 10.3 MB)

G. Kantvilas and J.A. Elix

pp. 135–162

A new peppermint for Victoria (PDF – 1.80 MB)

K. Rule

pp. 163–167

The corticolous species of the lichen genus Rinodina (Physiaceae) in temperate Australia (PDF – 9.37 MB)

H. Mayrhofer, G. Kantvilas and K. Ropin

pp. 169–194

Leptecophylla, a new genus for species formerly included in Cyathodes (Epacridaceae) (PDF – 8.04 MB)

C.M. Weiller

pp. 195–214

Triglochin protuberans, (Juncaginaceae): a new species from Western Australia (PDF – 6.41 kB)

H.I Aston

pp. 215–216

A new species of Pseudocyphellaria (lichenised fungi), with a key to the Tasmanian species (PDF – 1.73 MB)

G. Kantvilas and J.A. Elix

pp. 217–221

New species in Asteraceae from the subalps of southeastern Australia (PDF – 2.11 MB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 223–228

New subspecies of Leionema lamrophyllum (F.Muell) Paul G.Wilson (Rutaceae) (PDF – 2.30 MB)

F.M. Anderson

pp. 229–234

Podospora petrogale (Fungi: Sordiarlaes: Lasiosphaeriaceae) a new species from Australia (PDF – 1.80 MB)

A. Bell

pp. 235–240

Book review: Flora of Australia, Vol. 48 (PDF – 716 kB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 241–242


pp. 243 (PDF – 204 kB)

Note from the Editor

pp. 244 (PDF – 71.9 kB)