Muelleria – Vol. 10 (1997)

Muelleria Volume 10 was first published as hard copy on 28 April 1997.

Cover and contents (PDF – 146 kB)

Vascular Plant Systematics

Notes on Goodia (Fabaceae, Bossiaeeae) (PDF – 3.59 MB)

J.H. Ross

pp. 1–11

Eucalyptus macmahonii, a new and rare mallee species from western Victoria (PDF – 2.09 MB)

K. Rule

pp. 13–19

Nymphoides spinulosperma (Menyanthaceae): a new species from south-eastern Australia (PDF – 1.63 MB)

H.I. Aston

pp. 21–25

New taxa, new combinations and an infrageneric classification in Pomaderris (Rhamnaceae) (PDF – 10.6 MB)

N.G. Walsh and F. Coates

pp. 27–56

Notes on Callistemon in East Gippsland, including the description of C. genofluvialis sp. nov. (PDF – 1.53 MB)

W. Molyneux

pp. 57–61

Chiloglottis jeansii (Orchidaceae), a new species from Victoria (PDF – 1.36 MB)

D.L. Jones

pp. 63–67

Miscellaneous notes on Corybas neocaledonicus (Orchidaceae) (PDF – 1.57 MB)

D.L. Jones

pp. 69–73

A taxonomic revision of Cheriostylis (Orchidaceae) in Australia (PDF – 2.69 MB)

D.L. Jones

pp. 75–83


Seven lichens new to Victoria (PDF – 2.17 MB)

S.H. Louwhoff, M. Gibson and J.A. Elix

pp. 85–90

Selected Mycological papers from ‘The 1996 Commemorative Conference’, Melbourne, 29 September to 5 October 1996

Introduction (PDF – 914 kB)

T.W. May

pp. 91–93

The phenology of macrofungi in relation to autumn rainfall in the Adelaide Hills (PDF – 4.61 MB)

A. Burns and J.G. Conran

pp. 95–109

Orphans in ‘botanical’ diversity (PDF – 5.03 MB)

D.L. Hawksworth

pp. 111–123

Observations on morphology and the response of hyphae to temperature by Australian and French species of Lepista (PDF – 1.31 MB)

K. Stott, A. Broderick and N.G. Nair

pp. 125–129

Preliminary observations on the limitations of the Australian Hygrophoraceae (Fungi, Agaricales) (PDF – 3.2 MB)

A.M. Young

pp. 131–138

Who will look after the orphans? (PDF – 2.02 MB)

K.D. Hyde

pp. 139–144

Fungi on submerged wood in a small stream on Mt Lewis, north Queensland, Australia (PDF – 3.43 MB)

K.D. Hyde and T-K. Goh

pp. 145–157

Book review

Wildflowers of Southern Western Australia (PDF – 937 kB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 159–161

Publications received

pp. 162–163 (PDF – 436 kB)


p. 164 (PDF – 102 kB)