DNA barcoding macrofungi

Project summary

Fewer than 2% of the sequences in publically accessible databases (i.e., Genbank, UNITE) are from Australian macrofungi (producing fruitbodies that can be seen without using a lens). With the increased application of next generation sequencing (NGS) of environmental samples to examine fungal communities present in soils and other substrates, under varying conditions, an Australian based molecular reference library is an essential missing resource for accurate identifications.

The macrofungi collection at Melbourne Herbarium is the largest in Australia, with extensive, well-documented and authenticated voucher material. The project will generate a reference library for the standard barcode regions ITS (internal transcribed spacer) and Large subunit (LSU) nuclear ribosomal regions across all major lineages of Agaricomycetidae. In addition, either tef1-alpha or atp6 will also be generated for several highly diverse lineages (Boletales, Russulales, Hysterangiales).

Project Team

  • Teresa Lebel
  • Tom May
  • Naveed Davoodian (Postdoc)


  • Friends of the Botanic Gardens Victoria Grant
  • Bioplatforms
  • AGRF