Herbarium Discovery Walk

Opened in August 2010, the Herbarium Discovery Walk is a self-guided walk that showcases the vital work of scientists at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Based at the National Herbarium of Victoria, it is Victoria's main plant biodiversity research centre and houses Australia's oldest and most comprehensive collection of preserved plants and fungi.

The Herbarium Discovery Walk turns the Herbarium 'inside out', with educational signs and displays that highlight the fascinating work of scientists at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and showcase the Herbarium collections:

  • Learn about the traditional tools and cutting-edge technologies that Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria's scientists use to explore, define and understand the plant and fungal world.
  • Find out about some of the 4,000 species of plants and fungi discovered and described by scientists.
  • Discover why the Herbarium's approximately 1.5 million specimens are so vital to our knowledge and understanding of plants and fungi.
  • Explore some of our fascinating historical specimens, from plants collected by Joseph Banks in Botany Bay in 1770 to material from the Burke and Wills expedition.
  • Discover how the Herbarium collections and research programs are relevant to our whole community.

The Herbarium Discovery Walk is directly outside the Herbarium building, near the corner of Birdwood Avenue and Dallas Brooks Drive. The closest gates are F Gate and Observatory Gate. The Herbarium Discovery Walk is open during opening hours (7.30 am to sunset every day of the year).

The Herbarium Discovery Walk was generously supported by the Royal Botanic Gardens Foundation, the Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Inc. and the Forgotten Flora project.