Science publications 2019

This is a list of the publications by research staff, students and Honorary Associates of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria for 2018. For details of individual staff members and their projects see the staff pages.

Refereed journal articles

Robinson, A.S., Zamudio, S.G. and Caballero, R.B. (2019). Nepenthes erucoides (Nepenthaceae), an ultramaficolous micro-endemic from Dinagat Islands Province, northern Mindanao, Philippines. Phytotaxa 423 (1), 21–32.

Zhou, M., Wang, L., May T.W., Vlasák, J., Chen, J.-J. & Dai, Y.-C. (2019). Phylogeny and diversity of Haploporus (Polyporaceae, Basidiomycota). MycoKeys 54, 77–98.

Svantesson, S., Larsson, K.-H., Kõljalg, U., May, T.W., Cangren, P., Nilsson, R.H. and Larsson, E. (2019). Solving the taxonomic identity of Pseudotomentella tristis s.l. (Thelephorales, Basidiomycota) - a multi-gene phylogeny and taxonomic review, integrating ecological and geographic data. MycoKeys 50, 1–77.

Egidi, E., Wood, J.L., Celestina, C., May, T.W., Mele, P., Edwards, J., Powell, J., Bissett, A. and Franks, A.E. (2019). Delving into the dark ecology: a continent-wide assessment of patterns of composition in soil fungal communities from Australian tussock grasslands. Fungal Ecology 39, 356–370.

Khmelnitsky O., Davoodian N., Singh P., Raspé O., Lee S., Bonito G., Lebel T., Halling R.E. (2019). Ionosporus: A new genus for Boletus longipes (Boletaceae), with a new species, I. australis, from Australia. Mycological Progress 18: 439–451.

Veenstra, A.A., Lebel, T., Milne, J., and Kolesik, P. (2019). Two new species of Dactylasioptera (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) inducing stem galls on Maireana (Chenopodiaceae). Austral Entomology 58, 220–234.

Robinson, A.S., Golos, M.R., Barer, M., Sano, Y., Forgie, J.J., Garrido, D., Gorman, C.N., Luick, A.O., McIntosh, N.W., McPherson, S.R., Palena, G.J., Panco, I., Quinn, B.R., and Shea, J. (2019). Revisions in Nepenthes following explorations of the Kemul Massif and the surrounding region in north-central Kalimantan, Borneo. Phytotaxa, 392(2), 97–126.