Climate Change Alliance Inaugural Summit

From 3 - 6 December 2018, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens hosted an inaugural Botanic Gardens Climate Change Summit. Ten botanical organisations from around the world, as well as three peak botanic gardens bodies, Botanic Gardens Conservation International, the International Association of Botanic Gardens and Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand, attended the summit.

The outcome of the Summit was the formation of The Botanic Gardens Climate Change Alliance. The Alliance aims to use global collaboration to tackle the climate change threats facing plant species. The co-creators of this Alliance signed a declaration "to safeguard life by protecting landscapes" and agreed that "the time for action is now."

The purpose of the summit was to share expertise and to build a platform for international partnerships in the knowledge gap area of climate change adaptation for living collections and landscapes. As part of this the delegates attended a number of sessions and talks, which aimed to develop a strategy to mitigate the threats of climate change.

Other objectives included:

  1. Establishing an Alliance and laying the foundation for the establishment of a worldwide alliance into the future;
  2. Share and develop expertise, strategies and methodologies for dealing with climate change and management of living collections
  3. Create a roadmap for ongoing engagement within botanic organisation networks and ensure momentum is maintained

This summit was developed as a result of the Landscape Succession Strategy objective to ‘lead and facilitate networks and partnerships with relevant organisations in landscape-related conservation of biodiversity, human health, urban greening and water management.’


Delegates in attendance of the Summit include:

  • Nanshan Botanic Garden, China - Dr Anna Quan
  • Jerusalem Botanic Garden, Israel - Tom Amit
  • Beijing Botanic Garden, China - Dr Ling Guo and Dr Ran He
  • Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand - Paul Tracy
  • South African National Biodiversity Insititute (SANBI), South Africa - Dr Moshibudi Rampedi
  • Morton Arboretum, USA - Dr Nicole Cavender
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Australia - Dr Tim Entwisle
  • City of Melbourne - Urban Forest and Green Infrastructure - Ian Shears
  • Botanic Garden Conservation International (BGCI) - Dr Paul Smith
  • University of California Arboretum, USA - Mary Burke
  • Buenos Aires Botanic Gardeb, Argentina - Professor Graciela Barreiro
  • Royal Botanic Gardens CSIC Madrid, Spain - Professor Esteban Manrique Reol
  • Eden Project International, England - David Harland and Mike Petty