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We Have Liftoff! How the Team has been preparing the Gardens for Visitors

It’s not just flowers that are blooming throughout Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens this spring; it’s hope. The weather is warmer, the days are brighter, and the Gardens are open, so we can all enjoy the beauty and healing that the Gardens offer, and take in the sights of glorious spring blooms.   

While it was a challenge during closure to ensure precious Living Collections were kept healthy with many Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens horticultural staff working from home, the teams on site did a remarkable job. With winter leaving deciduous trees at Melbourne Gardens bare, the arboriculture team were able to have a clear picture of the pruning needed to keep the trees at Melbourne in good shape.

Helmeted, harnessed, and using STIHL Battery Chainsaws made available to our arboriculture team as part of our partnership with STIHL, the arborists were able to do important crown reduction work to maintain some of the older trees in a healthy and sound condition. This has led to verdant, healthy tree canopies beginning to unfurl. At Cranbourne Gardens, strong winds and stormy weather left trees in the Australian Garden and the bushland with damage which required a big cleanup. STIHL battery-Powered Blowers were used to clean up all the leaves and plant debris.

Spring is weed season, and weeding with reduced team numbers is a big job. Careful mulching of beds over autumn and winter helped to inhibit weed growth by thoroughly covering the soil to deprive weed seeds of sunlight to prevent germination. STIHL Trimmers have been great for the weeds that do slip through the cracks, allowing the team to quickly and easily clear weeds away from beds and lawns.

Lush, picturesque lawns have been an iconic feature of Melbourne Gardens for years, and the lawns are being carefully maintained as spring has led to an abundance of grass growth. The team have been mowing and trimming the lawns with STIHL Brushcutters and Edgers to ensure they’re picnic-ready and clear of leaf litter.

Melbourne Gardens’ Ornamental Lake has also received some TLC, with the team ensuring it's clear of debris with the help of a weed shearer, and ready for waterbirds to nest on its banks during spring.

The Floating Islands at Guilfoyle's Volcano received their annual pruning.

At Cranbourne Gardens, staff have been spreading mulch on garden beds in preparation for summer and planting hundreds of new plants to build up the diversity of displays throughout the Australian Garden. There's been a frenzy of hedging, with staff using STIHL Hedge Trimmers to maintain winter-flowering natives. They've also been hard at work monitoring and mapping native terrestrial orchid diversity and distribution across the conservation zone, performing wildlife management works on the visitor road, and monitoring of natural hydrological assets such as ground water and wetlands. 

Thank you to the team for your outstanding work, continuing to keep the Gardens safe and healthy over the course of this year. We hope those who can visit enjoy wonderful wanders and serene strolls, taking in the sights of the Gardens and amazing efforts of the team. You can take a look at the current opening hours for Melbourne and Cranbourne Gardens here

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