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Watch out for the little ones

With the onset of the deliciously warm weather (and torrential rains) we have seen a recent spike in wildlife activity on our paths and roadways.

One of the trickiest residents to spot at Cranbourne is the Jacky Dragon (Amphibolurus muricatus), which can perfectly camouflaged with rocks and roadways in dappled shade. Often you might just notice a little triangular head sticking up from something that looks like a small stick on the road. If you slow down you’ll see that stick suddenly jump up and run away at the last moment.

At Melbourne Gardens, in late October to mid December, especially after heavy, spring rain, Murray River turtles (Emydura macquarri) start moving across the landscape looking nesting sites. Rainfall is a critical determinant of their nesting behaviour because it softens the soil for them. Females prefer to nest in areas away from flooding and generally lay around 10–15 eggs each season. They grow slowly and typically do not reach sexual maturity until about 15 years of age.

Therefore, please be vigilant, stick to the speed limits and help us to keep our special animals safe.

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