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Visit the Right Water House

The Right Water house is part of the State Government’s Right Water campaign, which encourages more Victorians to make greater use of rainwater and stormwater, and recycled water for non-drinking purposes.

By using the Right Water for the job, we can save our precious drinking water for just that – drinking.

The Right Water House shows how households to harvest rainwater from their roof to keep their favourite garden beds beautiful, flush their toilets and wash their cars.

"There is a great symmetry between the Right Water House and the Guilfoyle's Volcano and Working Wetlands project," explains Chris Cole, Director of Melbourne Gardens.

"Our project aims to use alternative water sources to reduce reliance on drinking water and it's a great example of how communities and iconic sites are already using the right water for the job."

The Right Water house is located near the visitor’s centre at Melbourne Gardens until noon, Thursday, 17 April.  

Right Water House
Where: Southern Cross Lawn, Melbourne Gardens
When: Monday 14 April - until noon Thursday 17 April
Times: manned by OLV/DEPI staff from 11am - 3pm

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