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Titan Arum to bloom again!

The Nursery team at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne has done it again with a rare Amorphophallus titanum (Titan Arum) anticipated to flower next week.

This will be the third bloom in three years for the Gardens and the second time this particular plant has bloomed.

Also known as Titan Arum, Corpse Flower, or Bunga Bangkai, the Amorphophallus titanum is the world’s largest cluster of flowers. It is widely known for its smell which is likened to rotting flesh. This notoriously powerful fragrance is released when the bloom opens.

This particular Titan Arum (the Gardens has three) previously flowered in January 2013. Its current growth rate is 5-10cm per day (on average).

The Nursery team estimates that the plant will reach up to 2m high and will be in full bloom sometime between 10 – 13 March. The inflorescence (cluster of flowers) will last only two to three days before collapsing. 

See the Titan Arum in the Tropical Glasshouse at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne (Enter via Gate E on Birdwood Ave). 

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