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Statewide plant conservation in full swing

On Sunday 19 May, the inaugural Care for the Rare program was launched, with a special planting of the Bogong Daisy-bush (Olearia frostii) by Mark Krause (Parks Victoria), Tim Entwisle (RBGV) and Chris Russell (RBGV). As Victoria’s oldest botanic gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria donated the Bogong Daisy-bush to the state's most recent addition, the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens.

The iconic Bogong Daisy-bush, which naturally occurs in Victoria’s alpine regions, is highly susceptible to impact by climate change.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is leading the Care for the Rare program, which has been created to safeguard rare and threatened Victorian plant species against extinction in the wild. This program highlights the important role that all botanic gardens play in plant conservation and empowers local communities to protect plants indigenous to their region.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is currently working collaboratively with the Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand (BGANZ) Victoria network, to assess the potential of botanic gardens across the state to nurture rare and threatened plants. The plants are selected because they are either near to where the species naturally occur or the growing conditions in the wild are similar to those within the botanic garden. Six gardens have been chosen for the first round of the program, including the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens.

The launch was held in advance of the annual Botanic Gardens Day on Sunday 27 May, which celebrates the active role of all botanic gardens in conserving plants to ensure our future.

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