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Reducing waste with Eco Bins

As of this week, personal waste paper bins throughout all offices at Melbourne Gardens have been swapped for Australian-made Planet Earth Eco Bins.

Desks now have a desktop mini landfill rubbish bin and paper recycling bin, while the common areas boast large bins for sorting mixed recyclables, green/organic waste, paper recycling, and items to go to landfill.

These colour coded, certified Carbon Neutral office waste bins at desks make it easy to separate waste at the point where it is generated, further reducing waste going into landfill.

In 2013-14, the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne recycled 43 tonnes of co-mingled waste and four tonnes of cardboard and paper while a further 302 tonnes of public and gardens waste went to landfill.

The roll-out of Eco Bins is part of the Gardens’ Environmental Stewardship Policy which aims to responsibly use our resources to minimise our carbon footprint.

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