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Red Sand Garden refresh

The Australian Garden follows the story of water and celebrates the ebb and flow of this vital element in all of our native landscapes. This story begins at the Red Sand Garden, with the shocking contrast of red splashed with grey; representing the dry desert centre of Australia.

This important revitalisation project will ensure that the iconic red sand and sculptured lunettes are recoloured and regroomed, with completion of major works estimated for the end of this week. However the process of replacing the circles of grey Hedge Saltbush (Rhagodia spinescens) – a highly palatable plant for rabbits – is proving challenging for our team.

With the requirements encompassing considerations such as texture, colour and suitability for conditions, the circles have been prepared with a combination of sand, soil and compost. Our horticulturalists are still determining which species will best complement the landscape design of the Red Sand Garden.

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