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Plant With Us: A Step-by-Step Planting Guide from the Cranbourne Team

Join John Arnott, Manager Horticulture at Cranbourne Gardens, for a step-by-step planting of Eremophila ‘Murchison Magic' in the Future Garden with the Cranbourne team. Pick up some expert tips you can apply to your own backyard to help your plants grow healthily and happily.

1. Select your plot of land.

2. Scrape back the mulch back to the soil in order to prepare the planting hole.

3. Did a hole approximately twice as wide as the pot and to the same depth as the top of the plant's rootball. The species we're planting is Eremophila ‘Murchison Magic'.

4. Gently squeeze the side of the pot in order to loosen up the rootball to allow the plant to be more easily removed from its container.

5. To remove the plant, invert the pot and give it a tap. The plant should slide out – sometimes it can take a little bit of ‘coaxing’ depending on how long the plant has been in its container. 

6. The extent of root systems can vary greatly depending on how long the plant has been in its container and how vigorous its roots are. This plant is in ideal condition for planting. 

7. It's important to ‘tickle the roots’ to prevent roots from continuing to stay within the confines of the rootball and encourage roots to break into the soil.

8. Place the plant into the prepared hole ensuring the top of the rootball is at the same level (height) as the surrounding soil.

9. Start to gently backfill the soil.

10. When backfilling ensure that the soil does not cover the woody base of the plant as this can cause a point of rotting.

11. It’s very important to water in the newly planted plant, even if it's raining! Watering not only provides the plant with its water requirements but also consolidates the soil around the rootball and removes any air pockets. 

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