Orchid Conservation 101

Australia is an orchid-rich country, with 95% of species found nowhere else in the world, and Victoria has arisen as an orchid hotspot, home to 23% of all orchid species in Australia. Many of these unique species are highly threatened, primarily by habitat destruction as land is developed and introduced flora and fauna take a toll on these vulnerable beauties. 

Orchids are under threat in Australia from introduced pests, plants and animals, as well as habitat destruction and climate change. Fighting extinction of these beautiful and important species is more critical than ever before, with many on the verge of total eradication in the wild. Enter the Orchid Conservation Program, who have dedicated extraordinary time, effort and resources to saving our native orchids. 

The Gardens have been working to support orchid conservation since the early 1990s, and once the Orchid Conservation Program was relocated from its Horsham base to Cranbourne Gardens in 2014, the team have been able to greatly expand their work and make extraordinary contributions to orchid conservation.

Take a look at some of the gorgeous and extremely rare orchids the team have successfully brought back from the brink below, and donate today to ensure the team can continue protecting these orchids from the threat of extinction. 

Brilliant Sun Orchid (Thelymitra mackibbinii)

Audas Spider Orchid (Caladenia audasii)

Queen of Sheba (Theylmitra variegata)

Oaklands Diuris (Diuris callitrophila)

Rosella Spider Orchid (Caladenia rosella)

Wimmera Spider Orchid (Caladenia lowanensis)

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