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National Science Week at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

12-20 August 2017 – Future Earth

The 20th Anniversary of National Science Week will be celebrated with over 1000 institutions across Australia, including schools, research institutions and museumsThese events are designed to appeal to any age group and to foster a fascination of our world. As a result, over one million Australians take part in National Science Week each year.

This year’s theme focuses on sustainability science and regional issues which are unique to Australia and integral to our work at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. As a leading plant science organisation, we are proud to employ some of the top academics from around the world.

To celebrate National Science Week, we are offering an evening program at Melbourne Gardens on the history and process of botanic nomenclature. Discover Plant Names will be held by our resident Senior Horticultural Botanist, Roger Spencer.

The program will take place on the evening of Tuesday 15 August, 5.30 to 6.30pm at Mueller Hall, inside the National Herbarium of Victoria. Roger’s work at the Gardens involves describing, recording and naming (the taxonomy) of cultivated plant species. He is also the co-author of Plant Names: A guide to botanical nomenclature.

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