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Monterey Pine removed

After five hours of brilliant team work by our expert Arborists and the team from The Tree Works (plus a large crane!), the weakened and dangerous Pinus radiata (Monterey Pine) was delicately extracted from its bed next to the Herbarium on Tuesday morning.

This 100-year old tree had succumbed to a root and butt rot fungus called Phaeolus schweinitzii. Commonly known as velvet-top fungus, this fungus attacks trees through their roots and produces decay in the root system and the heartwood of the lower portion of the tree. The result is a weakened, or even hollow, tree base. As a result, the Arboriculture team has deemed the tree a significant safety risk.

The wood that can be salvaged will be provided to a local TAFE college for use in woodwork and carpentry classes. 

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