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Magnolia Bed renovation complete

The Horticulture team has completed an extensive renovation of the Magnolia Bed, with new pathways, turf and a variety of new plants for visitors to enjoy.

The new pathways are designed to encourage visitors to meander through the Magnolia Bed and discover a range of foliage plants and emerging sub-tropical vegetation which link to the surrounding garden beds.

The new design also includes a range of plants that are new to the Gardens, such as Euphorbia species, Aeonium species, and new groundcovers such as Thymus and Origanum.

The stand-out new species, though, is Zoysia macrantha ‘Nara’. Rarely used in botanic gardens, this native plant has been utilised by the Horticulture team for the smaller of two turf sections. It has been selected for its low maintenance needs, drought-tolerant qualities, and capacity to tolerate shade. It does have potential to become weedy, and this will be closely monitored by the scientists from the Gardens’ Plant Sciences and Biodiversity team.

In the next few weeks, a range of clivias will also be underplanted near the Magnolia delevayi to complement the Collection. Cultivated by the Nursery staff over a number of years, the clivias have been cross-pollinated to produce a range of colour variations. Clivias are great under trees and with the mature trees already in the Magnolia Bed, the need for plants that would thrive in shade and dry shade was a key consideration for the Horticulture team. 

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