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It’s snake season at Cranbourne Gardens

But don’t be alarmed – they are a natural and valuable part of our ecosystem, and we are proud to share our special site with them.

It is important to remember that all snakes seen at the Gardens are venomous, including Tiger Snakes, Lowland Copperhead Snakes, White-lipped Snake and the Eastern Small-eyed Snake. We have staff onsite who are trained in first aid and as snake catchers, who release the snakes away from the Australian Garden, into the surrounding bushland.

There are some snakes who have returned to the Australian Garden from time to time, including Acacia, Ralph, Maverick and Theodora. We recently met a new snake, Taurus, a Tiger Snake who visited Cranbourne Gardens last week.

Keep an eye out for snakes if you are visiting Cranbourne Gardens in the warmer months. If you see one, make sure that you:

  1. Do not approach the snake
  2. Keep a safe distance of at least eight metres
  3. Call our Visitor Centre on 5990 2200 for further instructions

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is very proud of our record care of visitors, the natural environment and all its creatures. Thank you for respecting the site and exercising common sense if you do encounter a snake during your visit.

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