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Help Your Garden Welcome Spring

The days are getting sunnier, the breeze is getting warmer, and it's time to help your garden say hello to spring! Most of our gardens need a bit of work after winter weather, so here are eight simple ways you can clean up and refresh your backyard as we enter spring. 

Tidy up your garden to let it breathe

Plant debris begone! Whether a few stray fallen leaves are lingering on your lawn, or fallen branches and matted down foliage in your garden beds after winter's winds and rain, make sure to tidy up your garden with a leaf blower or rake. Tidying will help ensure your smaller plants won't be smothered as they grow, and your garden will look fresher. It's also a good safety practice as you won't slip on damp plant debris while gardening. 

Prune your plants after they've flowered

Ideally, the best time to prune is after your plants have finished flowering. Many plants flower in winter, so spring is a great time to prune those which will promote vigorous growth. Leave spring-flowering specimens in your garden alone until they've had a chance to bloom.

Mulch like you mean it

Spring brings us some much needed sunnier weather, but this means you need to mulch! Mulching is incredibly effective at ensuring moisture levels are retained in your soil, especially during late spring. You can make your own mulch by shredding up garden waste, and mixing it with compost to produce a nutrient-dense super mulch. The added bonus is you get rid of garden waste in the process! 

Prepare New Beds

Prepare some new garden beds for spring planting! Make sure to choose a location that is ideal for the species you're going to plant, depending on how much sun and the type of soil they need. Clear the planting area by removing weeds and plant debris, aerate your soil by digging thoroughly, and spread a thick layer of compost over the soil. Using a trowel or gardening fork, work in down deeply before giving the surface a rake to ensure it's smooth before you plant.  

Get planting

Spring's moist soils and sunnier days means it's an excellent time to plant! Planting now will ensure that plants have healthy active roots, and become settled in their new homes well ahead of the typically drier months.

Set up a veggie patch

Certain cooler-season veggies including peas, lettuces and potatoes germinate most readily in the cool but not freezing soil temperatures of early spring. Spring is the perfect time to plant these, so if you've been thinking of starting a veggie patch now is a great time to do it.

Refresh the Lawn

Spring is an excellent time to focus some attention on your lawns. Clear them of any debris and check them over for any bare patches that might need to reseeding. Give your lawns regular mowing as grass grows long and healthy over spring, to ensure you're keeping weeds in check. 


As your garden comes to life over spring, give it some fertiliser to help it along. Apply fertiliser around the bases of your trees, shrubs, and anywhere that new growth is appearing. Wait to fertilise your perennial plants until they resume active growth.  

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