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Happy World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the United Nations' most important day for awareness and action towards the protection of our planet. Known as 'The People’s Day', it has become an international opportunity for public contribution towards a global issue, in over a hundred countries.

We were lucky to be joined by Anthony Carbines, the Parliamentary Secretary for Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Water. Mr Carbines met the children of Wembley Primary School and celebrated this year's theme, ‘Connecting People with Nature’. In honour of the first people, Mr Carbines also participated in the traditional welcome of the Boon wurrung; a smoking ceremony.

Melbourne Gardens was also joined by a variety of schools to participate in education programs. In celebration of this year’s theme, students received seed cards containing oregano or thyme to discover the joy of planting their own seeds.

It is important to connect with and appreciate nature every day; locally, nationally or globally. If you are looking for inspiration, escape urban life for the serenity of Melbourne Gardens. Alternatively, adventure though the myriad of native bushland at Cranbourne Gardens.

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