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Green power for the Gardens

RBG Melbourne is continuing to make sustainability a priority by installing state of the art photovoltaic (PV) panels on available rooftops to convert solar energy into direct current electricity.

There are a number of rooftops in the gardens that are ideal spots for the solar "photovoltaic" panels including the roof of the Visitor Centre, Herbarium and several sheds in the Works Yard.

The decision to improve the RBG’s electrical sustainability by installing the PV panels was made following the completion of the Working Wetlands project in late 2012. While this innovative project reduced the RBG’s reliance on potable water for irrigation by up to 40 per cent it resulted in a slightly higher energy requirement for the Gardens. 

The PV panels are the first stage of a carbon offset strategy that will see almost 60 per cent of the Working Wetlands electrical use offset by the green power.

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