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Ecologist wins Academy of Science award

Congratulations to Dr Rodney van der Ree on receiving the 2014 Graeme Caughley Travelling Fellowship from the Australian Academy of Science.

Dr van der Ree is one of Australia’s pre-eminent Ecologists and the Manager of Ecological Sciences at the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology (ARCUE). His research focusses on how mammals respond to urbanisation and investigates the distribution and abundance of mammals within the greater Melbourne area, with a focus on the rate of species decline, their habitat requirements and survival prospects.

Valued at $7,000, the Fellowship will allow Dr van der Ree to travel to scientific centres in China, India, Brazil, Singapore and South Africa to share his research into the impact of roads and traffic on wildlife populations. 

Dr van der Ree’s current and past projects include:

Effects of Roads and Traffic on Wildlife Populations and Landscape Function

Melbourne’s Microbats research program

Wildlife rope bridges



Established in 1998, the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology (ARCUE) is a division of the Royal Botanic Gardens. It aims to advance knowledge and understanding of the ecology of urban and suburban environments in order to create green, healthy, liveable and sustainable cities and towns. Based at The University of Melbourne, ARCUE scientists work in close collaboration with the University’s Botany Department and the research and education programs at both Melbourne Gardens and Cranbourne Gardens.  

The full media release can be found on the Media Releases page. 

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