950,000th specimen record added to the Herbarium collections database

Congratulations to our National Herbarium of Victoria team, who have added their 950,000th specimen record to the collections database, a specimen of Mollugo verticillata collected by renowned Austrian explorer and botanist Friedrich Welwitsch on the coast of Angola! Some of the specimens held in the State Botanical Collection date back to the late 1500s and early 1600s (originally from the Bauhin herbarium), and there are also three specimens from 1832 and 1834, collected by Charles Darwin himself, from among those specimens databased so far. 

As well as being an historical treasure trove, each specimen offers a wealth of information which is used all over the world for botanical art, biodiversity research, the identification of new plant species, the monitoring of rare and threatened species, and the study of changes in flowering and fruiting times, to name just a few applications.

This is an amazing milestone, and we look forward to the databasing of the one-millionth record in just over a year and a half!

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