1600 New pots of Variegated Coastal Rosemary planted in the Cranbourne Gardens Red Sand Garden

Staff at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Cranbourne Gardens got together with a group of wonderful volunteers and students from Chisholm TAFE for an epic working bee on Friday the 5th of April. The team had a great time managing to plant 1600 pots of Variegated Coastal Rosemary (Westringia ‘Smokie’) in the Red Sand Garden at Cranbourne and managed to get the job done before lunchtime!

Variegated Coastal Rosemary plants are hardy and produce a scattering of small white flowers in spring, which bees love. The variegated leaves of this variety make the plants look grey in colour when viewed from a distance, giving the appearance of circles of spinifex grass which are native to the central Australian deserts.

This job couldn’t have been accomplished so efficiently without the help of the volunteers and students. The Cranbourne Gardens team are incredibly grateful for the amazing work from the volunteers on this project, as well as many other projects at the Cranbourne Gardens.

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