Children, Cities, Nature and the Planet: Joining the Dots

A morning of seminars and discussion with Independent Scholar Tim Gill and Dr Dimity Williams

Tim Gill is a global advocate for children’s outdoor play and mobility. He is the author of Urban Playground: How child-friendly planning and design can save cities, and No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society. His website is

Tim’s talk will show how planning, design and culture change can create healthier, greener, more liveable neighbourhoods, and why a ‘children’s lens’ is a powerful catalyst for change in towns and cities.

Dr Dimity Williams is a mother, nature lover and family doctor. She is the author of Nature, Our Medicine: How the natural world sustains us.

Passionate about integrating nature into health care, Dimity delights in issuing nature prescriptions and believes nature play is essential for children. She is a co-founder of the Kids in Nature Network.

Hear the preliminary findings of the State of Nature Play Survey 2023.

Presented by Kids in Nature Network, Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Network and Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

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