Butterfly House
by Born in a Taxi


Ever thought about how much we rely on insects? Come and celebrate the miracle of flight and metamorphosis at the Butterfly House. Meet a giant praying mantis or make friends with a caterpillar.

Without these tiny alien looking lifeforms, life on earth would be very different. Magnifying the unseen and exploring the incredible relationships that lie at the bottom of the food chain. Without them the entire web of life would collapse.

Butterfly House is modelled on nature, where nothing is wasted. Create your own butterfly from recycled chip packets and release it to fly inside the butterfly chamber. Puppetry, performance and visual art collide to deliver a playful work that is bound to leave you more appreciative of creepy crawlies.

Take home a seedling to plant in your garden and wait for the real butterflies to arrive.

Age Range: 3 to 10 years accompanied by an adult.


This performance will be presented in ‘The CUBE’, Born in a Taxi’s freestanding transparent art space, which will be located on Oak Lawn for a strictly limited season.

Audiences will be sitting outside on Oak Lawn, so please make sure to dress for the weather and bring your hat, sunscreen and mosquito repellant.

Also in ‘The CUBE’ see Numinous Bloom – more details here.




Bryony Anderson

Co Directors

Carolyn Hanna & Penny Baron


Penny Baron, Carolyn Hanna, Theresa O’Connor

Installation Design and Build

Gabrielle Panaanen & Miriam Che

Sound Design

Michael Havir & Anya Reynolds  

Production Manager

Jamie Turner


Newport Natives Nursery



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