Endangered Species: Southern Brown Bandicoot

Available at the spectacular Cranbourne Gardens

Endangered Species: Southern Brown Bandicoot (7–10)

Learn about the Southern Brown Bandicoot and what it needs to thrive in a heathland environment.

Students will learn how to identify the South Brown Bandicoot and be introduced to the conservation work being undertaken to save the species from extinction. 

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Cranbourne Gardens

Year Level

Year 7 to Year 10

Students will

  • Discover how Southern Brown Bandicoot characteristics contribute to nutrient cycles 
  • Look for evidence to confirm Southern Brown Bandicoot activity in the Australian Garden
  • Learn about conservation and land management considerations for the Southern Brown Bandicoot, such as predator control and bushfire succession

Key focuses

  • Bandicoots crawl in the urban sprawl
  • Introduction to the species including ecology and threats
  • Endangered species conservation program 

Curriculum Links

Level 7-10 Science

Available Times

Morning: 10.15am - 11:45am (1.5 hours) Afternoon: 12.45pm - 2.15pm (1.5 hours)

Program Cost

$13.50 per student

Meeting Point

Meet at the Visitors Centre at Cranbourne Gardens

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