Professional Development

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria provides an extensive range of professional development opportunities for teachers at all levels, all year round. To request a booking please contact the Education Bookings office:

T 03 9252 2358

Professional Development Offerings

Jeannie Baker Professional Development in conjunction with Melbourne Water and Birdlife Australia.

Discover through hands on, practical sessions the importance of wetland in an urban water cycle, shorebird habitats and explore the inspirational way literature can play a key part in an imaginative approach to exploring nature through Jeannie Baker’s Circle.

When: Wednesday 19 April
Where: Edithvale Seaford Wetland Discovery Centre
Time: 9.30am to 3pm
Cost: Free
Bookings: Melbourne Water


Engaging young children in the outdoors: Nature Play

Outdoor Learning for Early Childhood is a well-developed practice throughout much of the northern hemisphere. As an example, Scandinavian countries have been operating Forest Schools since the 1950s.  

In the last decade in Victoria there has been a marked increase in the provision of outdoor learning for early childhood. Nature provides a wonderful array of physical challenges to test and develop motor skills, a myriad of life forms to inspire wonder and empathy and an expansive social setting where resilience and co-operation seems to be the default position. There are risks but they are not contrived and are generally obvious to the children, so they develop sound risk management skills for themselves and their group.

There is an increasing body of evidence that suggests that the rapid growth of learning in nature should continue into the future. It seems that emotional, mental and physical health outcomes are excellent and the cohort of children that grow up with nature will be inclined to take better care of our environment into the future too. Thus natural resource managers also have an important stake in encouraging the engagement of children in nature.

Join our early childhood outdoor learning forum to understand what a Bush Kinder is, why there is an increasing demand for outdoor play opportunities in natural spaces and what this means for you as a supporter.

When: Thursday 20 April
Where: Cranbourne Gardens
Time: 9.30am to 4pm
Cost: $110
Bookings: 03 5990 2200

Feedback from participants

''I had a really lovely day and I loved all the hands on ideas that don't require lots of funding! Thank you so much."

"Really useful information which has inspired me to continue to work in our community garden and motivate others"

"Great food, loved the nibbles, relaxed enthusiastic professionals, excellent day, thank you"