Scents and Senses

Available at the spectacular Cranbourne Gardens 

Explore the natural beauty of the Cranbourne Gardens using all five senses. Meander through the Australian Garden, observing and interacting with the iconic native plants. Delve into the treasure box, a collection of animal skulls, scats and seed pods. Immerse yourself in the environment and connect with country, students will have the opportunity to ochre paint the rocks and complete the sensory journey with a taste of lemon myrtle tea. 

Students will

  • Investigate skulls, seedpods and scats
  • Stamp handprints from ochre
  • Sample lemon myrtle tea

Key focuses

  • Sensory experience 
  • Engaging the five senses
  • Experiential linking to nature

Curriculum Links

  • Level F-2 Health and Physical Education and Visual Arts